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National Debt Solutions is an independently owned web site created to help users of all backgrounds and situations find and receive expert help in managing and writing off their debts. There is no charge for the call you will receive and you are under no obligation to accept any of the options the debt specialist may offer you.

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  • Write Off 85% of Your Debts
  • Freeze Interest and Charges
  • One Affordable Monthly Payment
  • Regain Control of Your Finances
  • Legal Protection From Your Creditors
Write Off Most Types of Debt...

  • Credit Cards

  • Overdue Bills

  • Store Cards

  • Other Debts

Most of your debts can be included, with the exception of mortgages, secured loans, court issued fines, TV licence arrears, student loans & child support arrears.

An Example Solution...
  • £24,000
    Total Unsecured Debt
  • £509.64
    Old Monthly Payment
  • £13,640.00
    Debt Written Off
  • £106.00
    New Monthly Payment
Here are some of the creditors that you could write off debts from.